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Miracle of Blood and Heart
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f you had never been aware of the existence of the blood flowing in your body and then suddenly discovered it one day, you would be surprised. The first fact to amaze you would be the prevailing red color just beneath your skin. When you learned that the liquid causing it was constantly flowing at high speed, you would be even more astonished. When scratched or nicked, you would watch how blood flowed to the surface, soon stopped and coagulated by itself. When you examined its workings in some detail, you would realize that your body could not survive without blood and perhaps more interestingly, the blood could not survive without your body. You would then begin to wonder how and why this special fluid had been placed inside your body.
According to evolutionists, this magnificent universe, the flawless human body, all the different species of animals and plants—in short, everything that exists—came about by chance. However, when one examines anything on Earth in any detail, one can easily see how terribly erroneous the theory of evolution really is. Any biological system is so detailed and rational that far from it being brought into existence by chance, the slightest deviance would clearly disrupt its functioning.
There is flawlessness in every part and every detail in the system. Human beings discovered the details of this perfect system just in the last hundred years, and only in general terms. It is Almighty God, He Who is superior to all, Who created all these.
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Harun Yahya