Findings and Recommendations of the Survey of the Alton Public Schools

Findings and Recommendations of the Survey of the Alton Public Schools
Findings and Recommendations of the Survey of the Alton Public Schools
Excerpt from Findings and Recommendations of the Survey of the Alton Public Schools: Made During the School Year 1917-1918As long as the Board of Education of the City of Alton is composed of the present high type of public spirited citizens, the existing comfortable working relations between the various departments of the Board and between the Board and its officers doubtless will continue, but the Charter and the Rules of the Board guarantee no such continuance.The published Rules of the Board fall far short of the actual practice of the Board as regards the conduct of the Board's business.As is too frequently the case in American cities, the rules of the Board of Education fail to distinguish between the several functions of the Board, and between the sphere of activity of the Board and that of its officers. The Board of Education should be an eminent group selected, or elected by the people, to represent them in the control of the function of public education. The Board should be a deliberative, not an executive body directly; It should reflect truly all the various phases of opinion and desire found in the people which it represents: it should, by investigation and consideration and discussion, weigh the various proposals in view of the necessities and the best public policy and so determine what are the wise and feasible lines of progress; it should, through the advice of experts, study the possible channels and means and methods by which the determined aims shall be worked out and decide on the lines of action; it should leave to its officials, who must be experts in their respective lines, the execution of the policies and plans decided upon.A further function of the Board is to safeguard the excellence of the accommodations and equipment and work of the schools and the health and well being of the pupils. To this end the Board should constantly and consistently receive reports from its officers showing actual conditions on all the points deserving of care and attention; it should note and emphasize the elements of strength and weakness so reported and spread its judgment adequately before the people; it should direct its proper officers to proceed along certain lines to strengthen and improve conditions where needed and to develop strength beyond the excellence already noted.The Board of Education should serve as a prophet to the people. America is learning today as never before, she realizes today as never any other people in all history, how absolutely vital to a nation is the adequate education of its citizens. In all respects as regards public education as the great foundation of the perpetuity of our institutions, the Board of Education has a peculiar and paramount duty to perform in pointing the way to a clear understanding and a limitless devotion on the part of the people to their supreme educational duty. The Board should never invade or usurp the functions of its executive officers, it has bigger work to do.The Board of Education of the City of Alton carries on its business through ten standing committees consisting of from three to five members each, appointed by the President of the Board. This arrangement entails on the part of several individuals a membership on four different committees. It is not within the function of this report to discuss the advisability of this plan, the question under discussion is the relation of the activity of the Board to the functions of its officers.The work of these ten committees, as indicated by their titles, comprises the usual scope of work of a Board of Education in the furtherance of its business of running the public schools. These committees are: Finance, Teachers, Text Books, Library and Apparatus, Janitors, Buildings and Repairs, Supplies and Incidentals, High School, Rules and Regulations, and Hygiene and Safety.The officers of the Board are stated in the published rules (Sec. I, p. 6) to be, "A PrЭта книга будет изготовлена в соответствии с Вашим заказом по технологии Print-on-Demand компанией ООО «Книга по Требованию». Print-on-Demand - это технология печати книг по Вашему заказу на цифровом типографском оборудовании. 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