Etheridge D. - Java, Graphical User Interfaces

Etheridge D. - Java, Graphical User Interfaces
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Java, Graphical User Interfaces
Год: 2009
Автор: David Etheridge
Жанр: Практическое пособие
Издательство: David Etheridge & Ventus Publishing ApS
ISBN-10: 9788776814960
Формат: PDF
Качество: eBook (изначально компьютерное)
Количество страниц: 101
Описание: Chapter One considers some of the classes of the package. Java defines input and output (I/O) in terms of classes known as streams. Streams provide system input and output in a way that isolates the developer from the details about how an operating system provides access to system resources for the purposes of I/O. Streams are not required for input and output when a graphical user interface (GUI) is used to capture and display information in an application. Graphical user interface design is examined in Chapter Three.
Chapter Two examines some of the classes of the Java Collections Framework in order to explore more flexible data structures than the humble array.
Constructing a user interface (UI) is one of the most rewarding features of application development using Java; it is highly creative and gives the developer the opportunity to work very closely with users to develop the UI that suits their needs. In this chapter, we will find out how user interfaces are constructed.
The use of the Thread class is often regarded as a relatively advanced topic for a beginners’ guide to Java. However the reader may recall, from Chapter Three, that a Swing GUI executes in its own thread of execution. This is an outcome of the fact that the Java Virtual Machine allows an application to have multiple threads of execution running concurrently. Despite the relative advanced nature of threads (of execution), it is clear from a study of Chapter Three that the reader should be aware of the fundamental concepts associated with threads in Java applications. Chapter Four briefly examines how more than one task can be carried out concurrently in Java programmes by means of threads.
Примеры страниц
1. The Input/Output Package 6
1.1 An Introduction to Steams 7
1.2 Categories of Streams and their Classes 7
1.3 Using Streams 11
1.4 Object Streams 19
1.5 Files and File I/O 21
1.6 Data Streams 25
1.7 Summary of Streams 27
2. Collecting Data II 28
2.1 The Java Collections Framework 28
2.2 The Core Collection Interfaces 28
2.3 Implementation Types 31
2.4 Operations, Methods, Iterators and Algorithms 34
2.5 Generics and the Collections Framework 36
2.6 Collections in the Themed Application 42
2.7 Summary of the Java Collections Framework 46
3. User Interfaces 47
3.1 What is a User Interface? 47
3.2 Client/Server Applications 49
3.3 The Construction of User Interfaces 50
3.4 A Visual Approach to GUI Design 64
3.5 Activating User Interface Components 68
3.6 The GUI for the Themed Application 83
3.7 Summary of Event Handling 87
4. Concurrency with Threads 90
4.1 An Introduction to Threads 90
4.2 Creating Threads 91
4.3 Using Threads in Java Applications 93
4.4 Summary of Threads 100
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